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Lovely work - layering elegant visual effects onto grimy 90s jank is just the right sort of uncanny for the story. The pacing is tight, letting the narrative be both thoughtful and visceral. Clever puzzles that don't repeat themselves, and the "shooter" elements of the FPS are deployed to heart-pounding effect.

While the slipperiness of the textures and lighting is perfect for the "come on, where is it" of horror-puzzles, it's possible to get stuck while you run around in circles trying to find that one key feature you remember seeing somewhere in the dark haze. Treat with caution if you have any issues processing noisy, confusing visuals - for me, it made the playthrough take rather longer than anticipated from the description. Even so, well worth the time.


Deeply in love with this game. A perfectly paced exploration of AI sentience and morality presented in a way that surpasses prior explorations of the theme. Visually stunning.


in the itch app it now says not available on windows


This should be addressed now!

I take it this is Windows only?

Yeah, for now anyway. A Mac version should be coming soon. Apologies!

I look forward to it!

Is a Mac version still planned?

I absolutely loved this!  Very thrilling from start to finish!  

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Might be worth noting that the text input only accepts one enter key, and not the other, when inputting codes. Took me a while to figure out why it wasn't accepting the numbers.

[edit] pretty neat stuff, though!

That is definitely worth noting! The next build of the game will sort this out. Thank you for reporting!


Well that was terrifying.

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