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I loved it! I enjoyed the story, the puzzles were fun and easy enough not to get frustrated, the aesthetics and visuals are fantastic. Chef's kiss! It truly was just a great experience overall :)

Was unable to finish for a few reasons, but honestly didn't care.
This was a great experience.
Highly recommended, bugs and all.

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I was really enjoying this, but my gun won't fire at all. I can't break any of the fragile doors. My refresh is already at 60hz, what should I do?

EDIT: It seems I had to edit my refresh rate in two places. 1. Windows display settings and 2. Nvidia control panel. I'm running at 50Hz and it's working now.


hi, when trying to open the mac version it says "“THE ENIGMA MACHINE (Mac)” needs to be updated. The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of macOS." i'm using macos monterey v. 12.3.1

it was such a cool experience, i greatly recommend it

Cool concept, but can't beat it because gun doesn't work reliably in the final level. Can you set an option to disable the thing chasing us if we die like 3 times or something like that.

I believe this issue is present for players playing the game at frame rates above 60fps. If you can set your monitor's refresh rate to 60Hz in Windows display settings, this should fix the issue!

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I don't think that's true, I tried it at 30Hz and it still wasn't working.   EDIT: Okay, I had to edit it in window's display settings and NVIDIA control panel it seems, running at 50Hz now and it's working.

Looks amazing. Wish I could keep playing it but no y-axis inversion means it's unplayable for me and a ton of other people.

unfortunately i dont have a mouse and cant press both left and right mouse at the same time. i couldnt finish but it looks amazing and plays outstandingly. great game!

There is no invert y axis and I am so used to it that it feels terrible to play. Game looks good though.

Really amazing style. I've been saying for a while now that bizarre and innovative use of graphics, especially shaders, has a huge potential for art, and this is a game that convinces me I was correct.

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This game has style! I had a heck of a time with the robot voice that says "44" in the painting room though.  Basically impossible for me to understand.  I would suggest adding a caption for these numbers, even if it's in the sidebar where the AI talks to you... if those robot voices had captions this game would also be more accessible, as that puzzle would stop deaf or hard of hearing players from completing the game.  That puzzle room is great though, thanks for making this!

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gun no shooty and the robot will not let me smooch

game cool though <3

It left me feeling disturbed and with a thousand questions about sentience and reality. Best enjoyed with a cup of tea.


This was dope af

Played this one, had a fun time. Thanks.

I Just finished this and honestly this had my heart pounding by the end! Fantastic. Amazing! I loved every minute and wish I could play it blind again!

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Given it a test to decide if I want to stream the game, think I'll give it a proper go soon as it looks really cool. One minor note tho: I noticed that when you try to go up the first set of stairs initially it's pitch black, to the point where I had no idea which direction to go. Took awhile of aiming at random corners of darkness to see if I could go anywhere before it suddenly became bright. This happens when I go back down the stairs too, it just suddenly becomes pitch black, but that's easier to deal with as I can aim for the doorlight and I know how the stairs are oriented now. However, was nearly enough to put me off continuing with the game, as it was taking awhile to realise what was going on initially


Really good game. So unsettling. Was a great experience. Some moment caught me off guard and got scared, which not very games have done that!

My video on The Enigma Machine.

This game scared every cell of my body, I'm very impressed since this is the first time I'm really scared playing a game.
Idk if it's intentional but
in level 3, after I got the gun (damn that sky thing... I loved that idea, it gave me chills all over my body) and looked at A C and D I was searching for B then I remembered that there was a wall in the first level that I didn't break, so, instead of doing all the way by foot I thought I could use the terminal as a "teleport/fast travel", but demOS rejected all my commands and I couldn't exit the terminal, so I had to restart the game and do all the third level again. It could have been intentional and it actually could have had a lot of sense if it was. I was just curious to know if it really was. :)


this shit is a banger. have to buy it on steam just to have it there too.

Great game! I also had the problem where the item wouldn't function, but capping my fps at 60 fixed it.

Pretty great! I liked the control scheme, it made it feel like a point-and-click adventure game. I think the texture warp may have gone a liiiitle bit overboard but it made sense with the theme.

This demo really messed with my brain! I actually felt guilty after finishing it. I thought the whole "breaking the program" theme was pretty cool. One thing I did have issue with was that the clicking to interact with objects didn't always work. I was using the trackpad on my laptop, but once I plugged a mouse in, it seemed to work fine.

Can we add this game to the steam library?


I can't seem to make progress on Level 3. I have the item you need and try to use it on the fragile door...but nothing happens :(


Same here. Something is not working with certain machines.

Looks like it's caused by >60 FPS. I fixed it by capping it to 60.

Hmm, that is strange, and I'm sorry this is happening. I've heard of this issue happening with others but haven't been able to replicate it myself.

May I ask, are you running the game on a 120 or 144Hz monitor?

I was on 165Hz. I capped the game to 60 FPS and it's fixed now.

Okay, I'm glad that the source has been confirmed once and for all! Sorry you encountered this issue.


A 5$ game is just free on Halloween?

I'm unsure what the cause of it is, but I seem to have a constant issue where I am consistently stuck moving forward and left. I have tried rebinding keys and launching the game with different graphic levels and nothing has worked, leaving me unable to play the game, I can confirm also that there is no error on my end.

That's all though, otherwise, seems like a great game!

Now that's an odd one. This is the first time I've heard of this issue! When it prompts you to type a command, is it acting as if the W or A keys are held down?

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One thing I've noticed now is that it seems to be a problem with most games using Unity, but it only occurs during times of gameplay and does not occur during the level selection / menu. It almost acts like some sort of phantom movement input?

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This game was absolutely stunning. It often left me speechless. I loved the ambiance, art style, direction, story, everything. What a beautiful game. I had a wonderful time. Here's my full play through. Thank you!

PS My friends and I really loved the soundtrack and were wondering where we can get a copy- thanks!

Wowsers. What an incredible experience. Would absolutely LOVE to see a full length title released around this concept because I thouroughly enjoyed this

Wow. This is an incredible game, an unsettling experience, and an extremely engaging work of art. I've never played anything quite like it. You've created something truly amazing with this game.


Really good game, loved the aesthetic and atmosphere and music, would love to see a sequel.


i played on a 144hz monitor (didnt see other comments about capping the frame rate) and... i the only one who thought the gun only firing 1/10th of the time (or so) was an intentional mechanic? I assumed bc of the whole glitchy aesthetic of the game that it was supposed to be like that, and it made the ending way more tense and scary bc of not knowing how long it would take to stun them. First case I've seen where a glitch actually significantly improved a game imo



Oh my, this is by far the most interesting bug report I've had so far!

(...maybe I should lie and say it is a feature since you felt it improved your experience...)

Nah, for real. That was indeed not intentional. I've since gotten a 144hz monitor so I need to give this a test myself! Thanks for your kind words and for bringing this to my attention!

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Chiming in, I'm on a 200hz monitor and the gun is also not firing for me every time I pull the trigger. Upon first acquiring the gun, it only shot on the fourth shot. The gun still kicks back, but there is no audio, muzzle flash, or effect on the game world.

Edit: Just did more than 30 clicks in a row without a single shot. I like this game but I can't play it if it's gonna be like this.

a wonderfully terrifying experience, not once did i feel at ease. the graphics compliment the tone perfectly without feeling like they're trying too egregiously to be "retro" for the sake of it. if this game had modern HD graphics, it wouldn't have been nearly as effective. can't reccomend it enough, absolutely deserves more attention.

Hello. Can you set the game tag for Mac?
I nearly miss it, until I found out on the page there is a build for Mac OSX.
It could be cool for others Mac user.


also i have 2 bugs to report
1. i fell through the world in level 1 by trying to walk off of the upper stairs onto the lower stars. I wasn't able to reset or pause so i ended up having to start the whole game over

2.My graphics settings defaulted to Low quality. Playing on low quality, the [SPOILER REDACTED] doesn't work when you left click. I wasn't able to make progress past Level 3 until i restarted and played on the recommended quality setting.



This RULED. Loved the way that hints of the overarching story bled into the narrative as you make your way through, and the progressive instability really sold me. I had a lot of fun with it, and look forward to your future projects!

good game, well made. honestly it made me feel really bad though. 

Great game! Had an issue firing the gun, though. Managed to fix it by fixing my monitor's refresh rate to 60 Hz (Usually 144).

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