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In MOTHERED, You play the role of LIANA - a young girl who's arrived home to stay with her mother after having undergone major surgery.

...but when you arrive, all you find is a strange mannequin who wants nothing more than for things to go back to the way they were.


  • A dense, engaging narrative set over the course of 7 days.
  • Immersive, atmospheric world that changes between morning, afternoon, evening and night.
  • A branching path.

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Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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We had such a blast playing this. Was genuinely impressed by the storyline, and the whole atmosphere. I loved it. It's worth it's price and we love what you did with this piece! My sis and I played it in one sitting and can only recommend.

Incredible. I love The Enigma Machine so thank you for this. Feels like story wise Mothered could be a prequel to The Enigma Machine if I'm not mistaken. Played Echostasis Prologue as well. I cannot wait for the full release of that one. Keep 'em coming.

Ok, so I've played a LOT of itchio horror titles, and the mass majority of them are quite bad lol! I went into this game half-expecting Mothered to be full of the same ol' tired tropes found all over itchio horror, but I have to say that I was quite happily surprised. This game is fantastic! The beginning of the game had me a bit fooled into thinking it would end up being like the many other itchio horror titles I've played, but this game was a sleeper hit for sure! The creativity in the visuals, dialogue, text prompts, transitions, character models/movements clearly all had purpose, and intention. They all served the story in some way, when initially it doesn't appear that way. And what blew my mind was that, arguably, the best part of the game/story (where everything REALLY comes together for a fantastic conclusion) is hidden away in a secret ending!! Ballsy move for sure, but holy hell is the secret ending SO good! This is genuinely one of the best experiences I've had playing a game. Amazing job!

For anyone wanting to play this, I recommend doing a normal playthrough spoiler-free (maybe takes about 2 hours), and then speedrun your way to the secret ending (which can easily be done in maybe 15-20 min. Below will be spoilers on how to get the secret ending.

After your you've collected all the apples from the Orchard, do NOT talk to you mother as she's instructed you to. Instead, head back inside the house (with the basket of apples), and place them on your father's record played in the living room. That's it! Enjoy the greatest part of the game/story!



will this game ever be on steam ? 

On the 10th of December; I see a page up now.,

thank you

just created an account to say.

good game

Bruh detroit become human, can learn a thing or two from this absolutely awesome game, especially the story and how it unfolds. 

One of the best storylines I have seen. I really loved the different outcome for another ending. Nice plot, very creepy and so well made. Very clever. I loved it. Keep it going, can't wait for more from you. 


This game is literally fantastic! You should definitely consider putting it on steam! I think it would do really well on there. Also, IGP played your game! Good job developer(s)!


another question is this game completed?? I played my round 2 and it seems the same?and it’s sucks that I can’t read the tiny words in the far back 


It is completed, yes! I might make a few slight updates like bug fixes and such, but it's 100% feature complete. 
There is more than one ending, but the key to triggering it is a secret :)

ohhhhh ok


ive been seeing youtubers play this game and it looks very intresting, how ever i downloaded it and cant play it myself. how can i play this

Hey there! I have just added some instructions to the download, which I will paste here:

  1. Download MOTHERED.zip
  2. Extract the folder.
  3. Run MOTHERED.exe.

Hope this works! Let me know if you require any other information. And thank you! :)

it worked thank you!!!!

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i got a question i watch many video about this game and is there a way to not sleep in the dirt and the remember her daughter memory?


Who did the music and where can i listen to it? the game was amazing


The music was made by myself and Karl Barnes, who you can find on Twitter here! https://twitter.com/Third_Heaven.

I may release the OST on Bandcamp as I did for ECHOSTASIS. I'll keep y'all posted on my Twitter @ENIGMA_STUDIO_ :)


You're an amazing artist. Thank you so much!!!


Game was great with a plot twist at the end, come and check it out πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Creepy af, loved your graphic style, music and stuff do more games please, you, Puppet combo and Chilla's art the best ones.


please make a steam version

A Steam version is something I'm heavily considering, so stay tuned to my Twitter @ENIGMA_STUDIO_ to hear any updates on that!

Now confirmed, has a page; and arriving on Steam shortly! :)

Loved the game, however one issue I had (especially on repeat playthroughs) the apple-picking sequence is very difficult for people with visual impairments, particularly colour-deficiency, and I end up spending a good 15-20 minutes on that sequence alone.
Having the apples be more visible, either with an extra pattern on them, a glow of some kind, perhaps a more intense colour, or if adjusting the visuals is not possible, then allowing the player to skip the collection on the second try.
Thanks for making such an excellent game!

Thanks you very much for the feedback. I failed to consider colour-deficiency in that particular section and I'm sorry for that. I'll be sure to address this in an update!

Thank you for replying so fast! I’m sure the game will be even better afterward :D


This game filled me with more dread than any horror experience I've seen in ages. The uncanny visuals, the way that Mother moves... Kudos for hitting a particular vein of horror that I've never seen in a game.

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Someone sure is a greedy little goblin, 10 dollars for a stock unity asset quality game built on patreon money that was spent for echostasis development. You want me to pay for your toilet paper too?


Jeez, guess parents have a firm hold on their card so ya can't snag it.

The game is probably not for you to be fair. Seems like the story would be a little too complex for ya. Try Fortnite

hoping to see a steam version so i can play this game! looks amazing.

On Steam, release is not far away. :)




haha what

Hi, man. I bought your game, but receive a message. Moneys gone, but I haven't access to Your game and ITCH.IO support dont response. I have a proof of paying from my paypal account.

Can You help me somehow?

Message like this:


ok they resolve the problem

Glad you got it resolved. :)

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This was excellent. Very nice little atmospheric notes of like, idk how to describe it, Windows 98 horror? Like the graphics, the size of things in comparison to you, the little design choices like how the characters move and whatnot, it all felt like being a kid and playing those creepy old computer games that were just not quite right after playing Playstation or Nintendo games. Little bit of active point and click mechanics with the way you interact with things. The first few times I did it I felt like they were going to be obnoxious but very quickly they felt natural and not encumbersome at all. I wouldn't say it was scary, but extremely unsettling and consistently kept my interest. Big "I Feel Fantastic" vibes for sure. And it had a very compelling story, very well crafted and displayed lore, always just giving you a taste and keeping you guessing. Completed it in about 2 hours, but I'm assuming there is more than just the ending I got, and I was interested enough that I will go back later today or tomorrow to see if I can get anything different. All in all, definitely worth the $10 price tag in my opinion. Played through it on a Youtube stream last night for a few friends, and the video is still public on my channel but I don't really want to link my youtube and my itchio account in any real direct way lol. But all my friends that were watching it had similarly positive things to say about it. The only complaint I have is incredibly minor, and it's that sometimes the music was just way too loud for my taste in certain areas, but that could just be my personal preference. 

all in all after letting it sit with me over night I give this an 8/10, will be looking forward to future works for sure.


Thank you so much for your review! I really appreciate you taking the time to offer some feedback.


why not steam version? Anyway still going to buy this. Love your work mate!


A Steam version is something I'm heavily considering! And don't worry, I'll be ensuring that everybody who buys the game on itch will also receive a Steam code if and when that version releases. Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks! It will be nice to have it in Steam collection. Also still waiting for Your [ECHOSTASIS], any information about estimated released date?

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Good news; there's a Steam page!

It looks like we've only 6 days; it's set for coming out on the 10th of December.


I can't afford the price to buy it, I'm afraid.


That's completely fair! I'm sure it'll be on sale at some point! :)

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This game is terrifying in the best way possible. Took me a few tries to get the true ending, but wow. The ties to [ECHOSTASIS] and The Enigma Machine I did not expect in the slightest, but I thoroughly enjoyed. Amazing job!

Non-spoilery tips on how to get to the ending? I played the 7 days, and enjoyed it, but now... I'm not sure. Is the game expecting me to do what I think it is? Because that, I'm afraid, feels a bit too laborious.


After you pick all the apples, don't talk to mom. Go back to the house and touch dads record player


Awesome, thanks a lot! No idea how you're supposed to figure that out. :) Amazing game still, as is The Enigma Machine. Looking forward to Echostasis!


If you follow the clues, the game outright tells you on Friday.


I have to admit it, despite the game having glitchy and horrible look the plot of it is actually amazing and terrifying which make it worth playing. Great job.


will this game avaliable on steam? 10$ for my region is like AAA game


same here